Find the most frequently asked questions below. If you have specific campaign requirements you can contact us here.

Where will articles appear?

Your articles will appear in our news archives and syndicate automatically to over 10 news apps and aggregators including Google News, Bing News, News360, TheNeeds, Sony Newslite, Feedly, Anews, Google Newstand, Pulse and Newstex.

What’s your reach in terms of impressions?

We get 200,000+ impressions a month across our network and news apps.

What happens once I order a campaign?

We’ll contact you to set up an editorial calendar and start production on your news articles. We’ll ask for images and documentation about your product, service or event and agree to a timeframe to start the promotion. Our developers will also implement javascript codes and additional forms you may wish to include depending on the package you selected.

Do you have examples of previous campaigns you’ve run on Film Industry Network?

You can review our case studies here for further details.

How long does it take to setup a campaign?

We recommend ordering your campaign at least 7 days before the start date. If you are on a tight schedule and want to support an existing campaign, we need a minimum of 2 working days to begin placing your content live on the network. Please note that due to seasonality, prices may fluctuate during the year depending on demand. We recommend that you order your campaigns early to lock-in a lower price point.

When are you open?

9-6pm Monday through Friday. (London, GMT)

Do you provide reports?

We don’t provide statistical reports for campaigns but you are welcome to include tracking codes for select links to measure engagement.